We ask students to choose a topic that has at least 25 years of historical perspective.  In other words, from before 1994.  Thank you!


  1. Decide on your topic and submit your choice to your teacher for approval on the Topic Choice Form.
    • Are you interested in doing this project individually or within a group of 2-3? 
  2. Choose the type of Category (the type of presentation) you will use with your topic! 
    • Documentary       **For the film fanatic student
    • Exhibit                     **For the artistic student
    • Paper                       **For the literary student
    • Performance       **For the dramatic student
    • Website                  **For the tech savvy student

All Category Infographics


Steps & Resources for Success:

Historical Perspectives Graphic Organizer.  Get a firm grasp on the theme, and how you can select the right topic for you. 

  • Class exercise: Narrowing down your topic and category to select your project.
  • Sample Topics of Triumph & Tragedy in History:
    • Sample topics from Ancient History
    • Sample topics in European History
    • Sample topics from US History


Note: Does every project need to include both triumph and tragedy?  That depends on the topic you select.  Look closely— most topics will include elements of both triumph and tragedy.  History is inherently uneven, and there will not always be an equal split between the two sides.  Do not ignore connections to both aspects of the theme when they exist, but do not force your topic to fit into both sides of the theme.                 Source: 2019 Theme Book


  2018-2019  NHD Project Development Notes (in Google Slides)

Let’s get started choosing a topic by getting some help from the experts!

  • Dig deep into the 2019 Theme Sheet, see some Sample Topics and view the NHD 2019 Theme Book
  • Page 10 of the NHD Rule Book has 5 good questions to say “Yes” to when selecting your topic.
Have your topic approved by your teacher to ensure it fits with this year's theme of Triumph and Tragedy in History.  
~ Submit your choice to your teacher for approval on the Topic Choice Form. 
*** The deadline for topic selection is September 21st ***  

Now that you have chosen your topic and your category, let’s start researching to find the facts!  Click here to get started or go to the RESEARCHING page!


Forms To Use When Beginning NHD Project

  • NHD Parent Letter 2019
  • NHD Introduction – The Day 1 Starting Point
  • Student Topic Choice Form for teacher approval.
  • NHD Student Research Sheet 
  • NHD Primary/Secondary Working Source Sheet