I. Choosing a Topic and a Category

Steps & Resources for Success:

  1. Fully understand the theme Conflict and Compromise In History
  2. Decide on your topic, and choose the Category (the type of presentation).  Are you interested in doing this project individually or within a group of 2-3? 
  3. Sample Topics: Ancient History, European History, US History
  4. Narrowing the Topic handout

Note: Topics can focus on just conflict,  just compromise, or both. If projects cover both, the project do not need to talk about both in equal measure. If the topic involves both, the project has to mention both.  

For example, if a project is about the Treaty of Versailles as a compromise, the project has to mention that it was a result of the conflict surrounding WWI.

  2017-2018 NHD Project Development Notes (Google Slides)

  Listing of Possible Topics for Conflict & Compromise



Have your topic approved by your teacher to ensure it fits with this year's theme of Conflict and Compromise In History.  
The deadline for topic selection is October 27th  


Choose the type of Category you will use to explore your topic:

All Category Infographics