Class Overview:

Computer Technology and Coding provides students with an appreciation of how technology impacts their lives as individuals and as members of the local and global community.  Students will work independently and in groups to develop methods to express their viewpoint.   Students will develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills by using the design cycle to creatively produce solutions to needs and problems within their local and global environments.  Students will communicate their solutions by using a variety of written assignments, created projects, and oral presentations.  Throughout the courses proper use of computer tools and typing skills will be emphasized.  All students will be introduced to various vocabulary, computer management techniques, and other technology resources and tools.

Learner Profile: Students will identify resources and develop skills that will allow them to demonstrate their ability to learn more about a topic of interest (Inquirers).   Through applying learned skills and concepts students will demonstrate their knowledge.  During coursework students will apply critical thinking skills to make informed decisions, consider possible alternative solutions and look at the impact on others (Thinkers, Open-minded, and Caring).  Students will utilize new materials/software in order to complete objectives (Risk-taker). Students will take ownership of their learning (Principled and Balanced). Continuous reflection on the learning process and the students’ ability to communicate areas of strength and weakness will be built into each unit. 





Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
– William Butler Yeats