Task Completed By This Date
  1. Presentation to Students, Intro Theme & Sample Topics, Parent Letter
  2. Narrowing down of Topic & Category
  3. Presentation to Parents at Back to School Night 

 Week of 

Aug. 7-11

  1. Commitment to Topic and Category
  2. Introduce NHD in Google Drive student folder account
  3. Workshop: Thesis statements; Create a “working” thesis
  4. Research begins

Teacher Check #1 – Topic & Category 

 Week of

Sept. 25-29

  1. Commitment to Individual or Group Project
  2. Final Thesis due
  3. Workshop: Annotated Bibliography 
  4. Workshop: The Process Paper
  5. Process Paper templates added to Google Drives, work begins.

Teacher Check #2 – Thesis Statement, Individual or Group Project

 Week of

Oct. 23-27 

  1. Research Documentation: Fact Sheet, Primary & Secondary Sources List
  2. Lesson: Student Evaluation of NHD & Category/Overall Project Rubrics 
  3. NHD Rules Verification Checklists & Project Evaluation Rubrics (category specific)

Teacher Check #3 – early Annotated Bibliography

 Week of

Nov. 13-17

Teacher Check #4 – early Process Paper (paragraphs 1, 2, 5)

Teacher Check #5 – Annotated Bibliography (Primary & Secondary Sources, formatting)

 Before the Winter Holiday 

Teacher Check #6 – Initial Bibliography & Completed Rough Draft Due 

 Week of

Jan. 16-19

Teacher Check #7 – Final Review of Process Paper & Final Annotated Bibliography

 Week of

Jan. 22-26

Final Projects & Process Papers Due for The School Exhibition

 February 5 

Eastwood’s NHD School Fair and Exhibition

  February 8-9

Regional NHD Competition @ IUPUI


March 3

State NHD Competition @ Ivy Tech Community College


April 14

National NHD Competition @ University of Maryland

 Week of

June 10-14

A Rough Draft of the Process Paper is due Monday, January 22  

Final NHD Projects and Process Papers are due for the Eastwood NHD Showcase on Monday, February 5

~ The Eastwood NHD School Fair will be held on February 8/9 ~