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May Outreach Letter

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May 11, 2016

Washington Township Community,

Thank you to the entire Washington Township community for sharing your voice with us during the past year as we plan and shape the future of our schools.  Thousands of community voices shared input on our district strategic planning process which directly led to feedback on facility and staff needs for our schools.  Please feel free to access information at the following sites:

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Facility Planning & Staff Needs Overview

Based on the wealth of community-based feedback over the past year, the Washington Township School Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed projects on June 8, 2016.  They will be asked to approve moving forward with two referenda, one for operating (staff) and one for school construction/renovations.   If both referenda are approved at the June 8th meeting the School Board will seek approval from registered voters in the Washington Township community to decide on the Nov. 8th ballot.

By state law, after June 8th most school staff will be prohibited from promoting on school property or through the use of school resources the needs for the referendum.  Therefore, if you would like to continue to receive information about the referendum or to get involved please access the important information below.


  • Sign-up to receive ongoing information   Your help is needed
  • Volunteer to support this effort
  • Donate to support outreach
  • Register to vote

The decision by our community on Nov. 8th will certainly impact the future of the Washington Township community.  As we compete with surrounding district to attract and retain quality staff, as well as new families to Washington Township, it is essential that we gain the support needed to pass the referendums Nov. 8th.  We certainly know that the quality of our schools impact the entire community, including property values.  Please take time to engage in this important process!

Dr. Woodson – Proud Resident, Parent & Superintendent of Washington Township

(Download Dr. Woodson’s letter here)